Monday, October 22, 2012

Need to be held accountable...painting the kitchen cabinets white

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! We took it pretty easy because my little man has had this nagging cough for way too long and I was hoping a little rest would help him get better, it's not looking like it worked :(

We did start a pinterest inspired Halloween yard display yesterday though, it's a bit freaky to see at night and not 100% complete yet but I'll share as soon as it is.

I also had grand plans to have each and every cabinet and drawer in my kitchen cabinet makeover sanded. Ask me how that went? Uh, it didn't,,,not even a little bit, like not at all.

I came to an eye opening but not so shocking conclusion recently.

I'm a horrible procrastinator.

I'm also awesome at justifying my procrastination. Do you see how these 2 things could be dangerous to a DIYer??

Which is why I started this blog! Yep, I think that if I say something on here I'll be more apt to follow through and do as I said. Why?!? I'm not sure, probably because I'm a major people pleaser and you are my people ;) That and I need content right?

So here's my post asking you all to hold me accountable. I really, really, really need to get these kitchen cabinets sanded/primed and painted before the husband gets home on Tuesday. Now they don't have to be hung again, they can still be drying (let's not get too crazy here people LOL) but they do need to atleast make it to the paint stage!!

Real quick, let's look at what we started with

So far I've moved and painted the island,
Removed all doors and drawers and primed the frames
Now I've got some sanding I should be getting too ;) Talk to you all soon! Hopefully with more to share on kitchen progress


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