Monday, October 22, 2012

Need to be held accountable...painting the kitchen cabinets white

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! We took it pretty easy because my little man has had this nagging cough for way too long and I was hoping a little rest would help him get better, it's not looking like it worked :(

We did start a pinterest inspired Halloween yard display yesterday though, it's a bit freaky to see at night and not 100% complete yet but I'll share as soon as it is.

I also had grand plans to have each and every cabinet and drawer in my kitchen cabinet makeover sanded. Ask me how that went? Uh, it didn't,,,not even a little bit, like not at all.

I came to an eye opening but not so shocking conclusion recently.

I'm a horrible procrastinator.

I'm also awesome at justifying my procrastination. Do you see how these 2 things could be dangerous to a DIYer??

Which is why I started this blog! Yep, I think that if I say something on here I'll be more apt to follow through and do as I said. Why?!? I'm not sure, probably because I'm a major people pleaser and you are my people ;) That and I need content right?

So here's my post asking you all to hold me accountable. I really, really, really need to get these kitchen cabinets sanded/primed and painted before the husband gets home on Tuesday. Now they don't have to be hung again, they can still be drying (let's not get too crazy here people LOL) but they do need to atleast make it to the paint stage!!

Real quick, let's look at what we started with

So far I've moved and painted the island,
Removed all doors and drawers and primed the frames
Now I've got some sanding I should be getting too ;) Talk to you all soon! Hopefully with more to share on kitchen progress

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Front Porch all decorated for Fall

Welcome Friends
Yesterday I shared the Pottery Barn placemats I used to make pillows for the front porch and today I'm sharing the entire front porch

My son helped me make the wreaths for the front door. Then had to model them ;)


These chairs were in sad shape when they were given to me but I can't say no to free and the power of paint will never cease to amaze me.
The "throw" is actually a $7.99 tablecloth from HomeGoods. Shhh don't tell anyone ;)
The bench is actually one of those entryway organizers that has been broken for some time just hanging out in the garage until I remembered to trash it, thankfully, I've continually forgotten it LOL
Thanks for stoppping by


Friday, October 19, 2012

Pottery Barn Placemats to Pillows

DIY Pottery Barn Fall Pillows from placemats for under $7

I love shopping Outlet malls for the discounts but when shopping at the Pottery Barn Outlet, swooning over all of the great fall pillow covers, I was a bit shocked that they were still $30 for just the cover and then you had to buy the insert separately.
I'm just too cheap for that though so I continued to look around for other great deals and when I came across the table decor and saw the gorgeous fall placemats an idea came to me. I could open up the seams and stuff my own pillows with the placemats!
I quickly grabbed a mat and flipped it over to check the price $6.99 each!

Much better than $30 but even better, they were all 20% off!! Now I can get down with that :) I grabbed a few and made my way back to the pillow section to check out the pillow insert prices, ummm yeah, wasn't in the budget, so a trip to Goodwill would be next on the agenda.
So after running through Goodwill for some $1 pillows I got to work...

I cut open a little seam
Then cut open the Goodwill pillow and removed the stuffing
Shoved that stuffing into the opening in the placemat
Looking good!!
Now I do know how to sew so I just ran that little corner through the sewing machine, if you however do not have a sewing machine or don't want to sew, you could always buy some steam-a-seam and iron that seam closed.
Here they are in all their glory on the front porch
Not bad for under $7 each pillow!!
 See you back tomorrow for the full front porch all decked out for Fall :)
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birthday gift

It's my party and I'll skydive if I want to, skydive if I want to ;)

For my birthday gift this year the hubby decided to take me skydiving!! On our mini vacay to Pigeon Forge TN we went to an indoor skydiving place and I absolutely loved it so it and was definitely ready to take the real jump.

We went to a place in Cedartown GA called Skydive GA and it was an amazing experience!

On the plane ride up, I was a bit nervous...

The hubby, on the other hand, seemed calm as a cucumber
Once the plane reaches the right height, the instructor stands up with you attached to his chest and jumps, there is no turning back LOL
The hubby
Phew. Wind blown but safe and sound back on the ground :)
It was so much fun and such a great experience. We jumped from just under 15,000 ft and we chose this place to jump from so we could see the Atlanta airport arrival traffic pattern (He is/I was an Air Traffic Controller, we live for planes LOL)
Not sure how the hubby is going to top this next year ;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Framimg our master bathroom builder grade mirrors

Frame those boring mirrors with no 45 degree angle cutting required ;)

I think that this quick and easy fix made a huge impact in the master bathroom and I'm totally digging it!!
Supplies I used:
Fluted trim
Miter box and saw (purchased at Home Depot for about $12)
measuring tape

Square rosettes

Liquid Nails Heavy Duty adhesive
First step is to apply the Liquid Nails to the square rosettes like so:
Tip: Make sure to keep the adhesive away from the edges or you will see it reflected back on the mirror.

Then set square pieces in each corner held in place with tape

Let that set for a few minutes while you measure the space between the square pieces to know how long to cut the fluted pieces
After you have all your pieces cut
Apply the Liquid Nails to your cut pieces (making sure to stay away from the edges again) and adhere to the mirror and hold in place with painters tape until dry
Once it's all dry, removed the tape and caulk all seams
Doesn't it look so pretty with the new painted countertops and the ORB spray painted fixtures?
Makes actually tolerating liking the white laminate cabinets a litte easier ;)
Thanks for letting me share another one of my home projects
And because I love seeing Before and Afters I'll share where it all started
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Painted faux granite countertops! Master Bathroom transformation continues

I Painted my countertops and lived to tell the tale ;)

Well first a quick apology for the LONG delay from the last post to this one! I had grand plans to blog while on our relaxing TN cabin in the mountains vacation,,,I did not however take into account that my computer wouldn't hold the connection to their internet long enough to even check facebook!!

I have seen quite a few painted countertop tutorials online and decided to try to tackle this project in our master bathroom.

Our countertops started out as basic builder sink/counter faux marble that seems to be ever so popular in these parts.
But ended up looking like this:
No really!! That's my actual painted counter top
I started by covering them with Kilz primer

This wasn't too scary because it didn't change the look all that much.

And then came the scary
You may want to cover your eyes if you frighten easily
No, really, cover up them eyes, maybe just peek through a few..
Using a sea sponge I dabbed on my first color, at this point I almost cried.
I thought I royally messed up trying this.
They looked absolutely horrid.
Hey I warned you :)
It's going to get worst before it gets better...
Now I know I warned you at the beginning, that was really just a courtesy to prepare you for the next picture so if you get even a wee bit squeamish at the sight of absolute ugliness, please scroll fast LOL
Uh, yeah, not much I can say, it was U-G-L-Y
I had to force the hubby to stay out for fear he'd run away and never return.
But I was not about to let these countertops beat me, oh no!! I was going to forge on and just keep on adding colors.
It really couldn't get worst
Right? I mean RIGHT?
Alas, my heartrate was starting to come down.
Adding the metallic paint seemed to help calm it down, but still wasn't 'there' yet
Went over with the lightest color to tone it all down
That's what I'm talking about!!
The hubby's side
Now to topcoat.
I used Envirotex Lite
Purchased at Michaels with 50% off coupons (used 2 boxes)
It's sooooo shiny!!!
And you can see I may have overdone it on the sparkles. Not so obvious in real life.
Thank goodness ;)
Here you can see how I covered up the cabinets to protect from the topcoat, not the easiest material to work with but definitely do-able even for a novice like me.
A close up of the 'granite' look
Not bad for about 36 bucks of material eh?
I'll admit the first, second and even third coat I sponged on had me a bit terrifed, I thought I had made a HUGE mistake taking this on but the end result is totally worth those gray hairs I grew freaking out stressing about it ;)
A quick look at what it looked like when we moved in

And after painting...
Bought new cabinet hardware and that made a huge impact as well for low cost.
I love how it turned out and can't wait to share the next project I tackled in here.
Framing the basic builder mirrors with no miter cuts!!
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