Tuesday, September 18, 2012

IKEA Tarva turned Knock Off Anthro Ordinal Dresser

Want to see how I turned an Ikea Tarva dresser into Anthro's Ordinal dresser??

As I continue to work on the stair transformation I'm going to share another knock off idea I have sitting in my entryway.

The entryway table I shared a few days ago was purchased to live right inside the front door but I may or may not have went shopping and forgot (err never measured) the space between the wall and column, the table was too long, so it was moved to sit beside the staircase.

As I sat in the school pick up line one afternoon killing time, checking emails I clicked on the email from Anthro and was clicking around to see what they had to offer. I couldn't believe the price they wanted for the little 3 drawer Ordinal dresser but that's not unusual for me, I'm cheap frugal and gasp at most major retailers pricing. However I couldn't help thinking about those cute little numbered drawers.

Enter pinterest and a quick search of DIY anthro dresser.
I had found the most amazing makeover from East Coast Creative Blog (formerly The Real Housewives of Bucks County)
Well I wasn't lucky enough to have an old dresser in the garage and I needed something that would fit in the space inside the front door.
So AFTER measuring the area I wanted to fill (I'm learning, I'm learning!!) and a quick trip down to IKEA I came home with the perfect dresser to makeover.
I love that the Tarva dresser is 3 drawers and unfinished. The $79 dollar price tag was so much better than Anthro's $998 price, SCORE!!
Plus, it fit! Thank you handy measuring device ;)
Gave it a quick coat of stain with Minwax Special Walnut
I traced out a stencil I had on hand and then hand-painted each number on.
Waited for the paint to dry and gave each number a super light sanding just to tone down the black paint.
And now she's all ready to stand her ground at the front door.
This area is next on the Holiday decorating hit list so you'll be seeing it again soon and hopefully in better light! Oh and yep, that's where the owl I stole borrowed for the Halloween display came from.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is just fabulous! You did a great job! :)

  2. Hey - I also just used Minwax stain on a Tarva dresser. How long did it take for the stain's smell/fumes to go away? I tried putting my dresser in my room 24 hours after staining it and I almost passed out (no joke).

    But oh goodness, it looks so good.

  3. Love this look. Did you do a poly coat after the numbers? The blog you sited did but you didn't mention it. I was hoping to skip this step but was wondering about how your dresser is holding up if you didn't poly it.

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  5. Hi! I was wondering how long you left the stain on to get that color?