Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Entry table all decked out for Halloween

It's my most favorite time of year!!

The morning and evenings have a slight chill in the air, mid-day warms up to the high 80s but the humidity is gone. (if you also live in the south you know how nice the missing humidity is)

The changing weather always puts me in the Halloween decorating mood so I've been pinning and pinning inspiration ideas and pouring through all the magazines arriving in the mail.

I always swoon over the Pottery Barn Halloween spreads but know the budget doesn't allow me to go buy each piece and replicate the design.

So without further ado I present our entry tablescape all done up for Halloween (on a very small budget)


The bats go up the little stair wall. Bats are Martha Stewart line from Michaels I got on sale for $3.49

 The black frame is a thrift store find for $1.19, haunted house felt came from the The Dollar Tree for you guessed it $1.

stole borrowed the books and owl from another room. The books came from Goodwill once upon a time and the owl was a 75% clearance from Michaels.

These vases are a DIY PB knock off I'll share the tutorial tomorrow so be sure and check back! They were super easy and CHEAP. All supplies from Michaels too! No hunting down rare or hard to find pieces to re-create this design ;)

Black bird from Garden Ridge $1.99, skeleton hands are meant for the yard but I just love them! They were 3.99 at Garden Ridge. The glass vase was a thrift store find for 1.99 and it's just filled with white round candy.


This big ole creepy spider was another Home Goods purchase at $3.99

Vase filler in the left hand skull vase is a black boa and two googly eyes glued to foam balls attached to wooden skewers, super easy to make and I'll be sharing a tutorial making quite a few of those as I have some super cute wreaths in the works right now ;) Filler in the other vase is the twigs from a cinnamon broom (I know cinnamon isn't a Halloween scent but it doesn't make me love it any less)

Hope you've enjoyed my Halloween tablescape! I keep walking by just to sneak a peek!!

Make sure and stop by again tomorrow for the vase tutorial, these bad boys were listed at $109 from Pottery Barn and you can buy all the supplies needed to make your own for a grand total of $13 for 2 and that includes the spray paint!! If you're like me and hoard paint you can make these bad boys for a whopping $8


Halloween Mantels


  1. I found you through knock off decor (skull vases). I really like your tablescape, specifically the frame /spooky house and bats. Great job! Do you mind if I 'pin it' on pinterest?
    I'm compiling ideas to decorate my house with my daughter. It'll be fun!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! Feel free to pin away!! Happy Halloween decorating ;)

  3. I LOVE your decorations!!! Love the PB knock off vases too ( I am a huge PB knock off fan)!!!

    1. Thanks so much! PB knock off fan here too! If I can re-create it for cheaper I'm all over it ;)