Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Framimg our master bathroom builder grade mirrors

Frame those boring mirrors with no 45 degree angle cutting required ;)

I think that this quick and easy fix made a huge impact in the master bathroom and I'm totally digging it!!
Supplies I used:
Fluted trim
Miter box and saw (purchased at Home Depot for about $12)
measuring tape

Square rosettes

Liquid Nails Heavy Duty adhesive
First step is to apply the Liquid Nails to the square rosettes like so:
Tip: Make sure to keep the adhesive away from the edges or you will see it reflected back on the mirror.

Then set square pieces in each corner held in place with tape

Let that set for a few minutes while you measure the space between the square pieces to know how long to cut the fluted pieces
After you have all your pieces cut
Apply the Liquid Nails to your cut pieces (making sure to stay away from the edges again) and adhere to the mirror and hold in place with painters tape until dry
Once it's all dry, removed the tape and caulk all seams
Doesn't it look so pretty with the new painted countertops and the ORB spray painted fixtures?
Makes actually tolerating liking the white laminate cabinets a litte easier ;)
Thanks for letting me share another one of my home projects
And because I love seeing Before and Afters I'll share where it all started
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  1. Looks awesome and easy enough for even me to attempt!

  2. You definitely chose an excellent frame design! It really goes well with your bathroom drawers. Plus, the pasty color of the mirror frame, the countertop, and the drawers contribute a lot to the bright atmosphere of the area. =)

  3. I have been googling around trying to figure out what the heck to do with my plain bathroom mirror, that a) won't cost a fortune, and b) won't involve removing to mirror. This? Is exactly what I needed. Can't wait to do it.
    Thank you!

  4. WOW!! What a Great job you did!! I'd Love to know how you painted the (cultured marble?) countertop! & faucet! I'm working on a mirror now, but I'd love to do something like you've done here! Thank you!

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