Sunday, September 23, 2012

From Brassy to Classy-Transforming our Master bath with paint

Painting the Gold shower enclosure and faucets kicks off the master bathroom renovation!!

One of the major renovations we have going on right now is almost finished!!

I'm going to pretend that we don't have 3 other major projects going on and focus only on the bathroom.


Because I'm feeling quite overwhelmed by the labor intensive work ahead on the stairs, kitchen cabinet makeover and finishing of our basement.

And because we're leaving for a cabin getaway in the smoky mountains so no progress on the house will be happening. Might as well revel in the projects that have been completed instead of worrying about the projects yet to be finished.

Lets get started by taking a peek at the bathroom before:

Shower and His side:

Tub and Her Side

After a ton of taping and covering and a few cans of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.


Amazing what a little elbow grease and spray paint can do isn't it?? I'm in love!! Can't wait to show you the next transformation that I accomplished with  paint on those countertops, yep, I painted them a  faux granite! I'll share those details tomorrow!!

A little side by side action to fully see the impact!!

I followed Kristi at Addicted to Decorating's tutorial to the letter and LOVE LOVE LOVE the results and highly suggest if you are going to attempt this project you follow her lead :)

Addicted to decorating Painting faucets and shower enclosure tutorial

This project was certainly a labor of love and took FOREVER. The hardest part I encountered was removing all of the caulk around the shower enclosure. The tile soap dish is the only casualty so far, the paint peeled right off after a wash cloth was left to dry on it.

This project cost about $80 but made a huge impact

Spray Paint: $7.96/can- used 4 cans
Automotive Primer: $6.99- used 2 cans
Tape: ~$5
Brown Paper roll: ~$12
Plastic sheeting: ~$8
Sand Paper: ~$3
Steel wool: ~$5
*the last 5 item costs are appoximates

More to share tomorrow!!


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  1. Hi, Danielle! Your bathroom looks great! We have been researching and studying and have decided to attempt to paint, too. I see that this was done in September of 2012. How is it holding up? Is it scratch resistant? We're really interested in the shower area.