Tuesday, November 13, 2012

One week until family starts arriving...Crunch time!!

Is everyone else in the final DIY spree of finishing all your current projects? I am and it's been crazy busy!!

When we ripped out the carpet on the main floor stairs we were so happy to find rounded treads and risers. We didn't mind that the treads were pine and I got busy sanding them down to stain them. 

So we tried the same thing with our basement staircase,

NOT so lucky there LOL

So I've been brainstorming ideas on how to defeat this bad luck of major gaps and completely randomly sized basement stairs

I *think* I may have come up with a solution, woohoo!! 

We'll see if it pans out tomorrow and I'll share it with you if it does, okay I'll share it even if it doesn't but let's all cross our fingers it works, I really don't want my sister-in-law and her families first visit to our house be anything less than fantastic and don't think they'd enjoy walking down a staircase that looks like this

Scary and it's even worse coming up!!

I also *may* have taken a sledge hammer to our master shower. I thought the master bathroom was finally finished after spraying painting all the gold fixtures ORB, painting the counters a faux granite and then framing the mirrors. That was until I was admiring all that hard work and noticed some cracked tiles. I was merely going to pry them out and replace them but pulling them out revealed moldy drywall behind the tiles instead of cement board or any kind of waterproofing whatsoever. 

Not good, not good at all! The smell of all that nasty water just hanging out down under that bench was horrible.

We also ripped out the horrible blue carpet in the basement.

N-A-S-T-Y!! Stains upon stains! I guess I can see why the previous owners chose it, it hid it's dirty well (if you don't count the smell) 

I'm still working on finishing the basement, finishing the paint job on the kitchen cabinets, finishing the main level staircase and the basement staircase. I have about 4 different IKEA boxes in the garage waiting for me to take the time to put those furnishings together. 

I'm thinking I won't be sleeping much in the next week but am glad that I've check a few things off the To-be-completed by family arriving deadline :)

Wish me luck I can tackle even a fraction of my 'wish'list as my hubby so sweetly dubbed it ;)

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