Friday, December 7, 2012

Santa came early! Now we're cooking on the Big Green Egg

The hubby has been asking Mrs Claus for something called a Big Green Egg for 5 years now. 

Mrs Claus finally found an unbelievable deal on one and was able to surprise her hubby with his Christmas wish a few weeks early. 

Now Mrs Claus is free from cooking dinner on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights! 

What a win for Mrs. Claus ;)

What is a Big Green Egg you ask? The answer in their words

Laymans AKA my terms would be: A magic ceramic green egg shaped grill/smoker/oven thingy that makes meats/veggies turn into mouth watering goodness. 

How I know this without owning one, you wonder? Well we've made our way through many a BBQ competition and have dined at numerous BBQ restaurants where so much deliciousness has been devoured, much of it made on the Big Green Egg. I think the hubby was trying to convince me that it should make it to the top of his Christmas list. 
For 5 years.

But hey, I wasn't complaining being forced to dine on some world famous BBQ

First up on the menu?

How about a little Sweet Samantha Sandwich??

No? Need something lower Carbs?

Tasty Thomas Legs?

Not enough Thyme?

OK, OK I've got it!! Hot Dogs?? Specially delivered from Germany.

What?!? You're allergic? 

Well I'm running out of options here, hmmm, what else is in the kitchen? 

We have some Beef Back Ribs?

That'll work? Great! See you tomorrow with the full recipe and finished pictures (this is just 2 hours in)


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